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NomadTag is a social travel blogging community and planning site. The world's most avid travelers can connect, share, and plan their next journey in one place.
  • Advanced travel blog authoring tools
  • Social networking with other travellers
  • Planning and booking tools

Next-Level Travel Blogging

  • Organize Content into "Trip" Narratives
  • Geolocation and Location Check-ins
  • Full-featured blog authoring and aggregation of content from multiple services
  • Premium Features include custom domain support and advanced theming
NomadTag was built from the ground-up with travel blogging in mind. Features geared towards geolocation and travel categorization are baked-in to everything on the site, making it easy for you to discover content and for others to discover your content. Your posts are syndicated across our location pages granting you an in-built audience.

Connect with Other Travellers

NomadTag makes it a snap to find local experts and experienced travellers, whether you are researching a new place to visit or seeking to connect with others in your area. Our maps let you see at-a-glance where your friends have been and let you seek out advice. Follow others to subscribe to their content and share your experiences with the world.
  • Connect with other travellers, wherever you are
  • Research possible destinations by easily finding content

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