Machu Picchu

If you happen to be caught in heavy rain at Machu Picchu, take the opportunity to see the ancient Incan storm drainage system in action. An elaborate system of channels funnels rainwater off the side of the mountain and rivals modern municipal drains. This is surely a major factor in Machu Picchu's survival to the modern era.

Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is one of the best places to sample Kuala Lumpur's street food. As soon as the sun sets, the street is closed off to traffic and the food stalls open. Jalan Alor offers a wide array of seafood away with Malaysian, Chinese, and Indian specialties. I opted for the deep-fried mantis shrimp and char kway teow.


This parade on the outskirts of Mandalay is bringing children to Buddhist monasteries to be inducted as monk and nun initiatives. Due to a lack of public education in Myanmar, virtually everyone becomes a monk or nun at some point in order to receive basic schooling.

Mount Popa Monkies

Macaques are a common sight in more rural parts of Myanmar. Keeping a distance is advisable as they are not particularly friendly.

The central pagoda is ringed by shrines to the Buddha representing the days of the week.

Street food on Temple Street is not your healthiest option but the barbecued skewers are a good snack. Pictured here is a selection of sliced Chinese sausage and dumplings containing crab or sea urchin.

Sao Paulo Ruins

The Macau Peninsula offers a much different experience from the Cotai Strip and should not be missed. There are many examples of colonial Portuguese architecture from an era not widely seen in Portugal itself because of the destructive 1755 earthquake.