Kyoto may be most popular in the springtime when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, but fall leaves are equally spectacular at their peak. The most vivid colors usually occur sometime between late November and mid-December.

If you're hunting for Super Famicom and Famicom games, Super Potato in Akihabara offers perhaps the largest selection in Japan. More obscure titles and titles scarce due to high demand can usually be found here.

The ubiquitous BOOKOFF stores you will see all over Japan also carry a much smaller selection of Super Famicom games in every store. You're less likely to find a specific title at a BOOKOFF, but they are worth stopping in and will offer a greater value than a dedicated retro videogame shop.

The Rio Celeste's brilliant blue color is caused by a chemical reaction between minerals naturally in the riverbed mixing with acidic water from volcanic springs.


A tiny snake in the Tenorio Volcano Park in Costa Rica.

Monteverde Cloud Forest

The Monteverde Cloud Forest lives up to its name.

Shortly after midnight on New Year's in Montezuma.

Rome, IT

The Castel Sant'Angelo was used as a papal residence, fortess, and prison at various points in Rome's history.

The summer of 2013 saw flooding across Central Europe, as can be seen in this photo taken along the Elbe River.